UFC 168 Post-Fight Reaction

Post PPV video


Marlin’s Plea to Coach BOB

Marlin's plea to Coach BOB to stay with PSU Marlin Groce and the big lewbowski

Marlin Show Commercial – I Like Sports

Marlin Show Commercial - I like Sports Marlins Groce

Episode 60: I Talk Sports!

Silva vs Weidman II



Marlin goes off about Penn State losing to Indiana

PSU vs WISCONSIN and more

In this video Marlin covers PSU vs WISCONSIN, Matt McGloin, and Mike Tomlin controversy. nate diaz vs gray maynard

Talkin’ TUF Finale 18

TUF Finale 18 Predictions marlin groce penn state

Marlin’s Message to the NFL **REMIX**

Marlin’s Message to the NFL **REMIX** As the title implies this is a re re re re remix, of a ...


BLO’s message to NFL

Do you smell what BLO's cooking?


Donovan McNabb bullying controversy

Philly fans are ruthless, they booed Santa Claus for Christs sake.


Manning VS Brady XIV

This is one of the biggest game of the 2013 season.


Marlin gets you hyped up!

In this video, Blo lip syncs to House of Pain's Jump Around


Three stooges review

Marlin almost shits himself laughing watching a quick clip of the 3 stooges


That’s just like… your opinion man.

Big Blonizzle reviews the Big Lebowski in 4 minutes

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 8.10.44 PM

The Facts About the New College Playoff Format

Ryan Fultz asked the Wizzard his thoughts on the new college football playoff system.

funk and mar pittsburgh shit, psu illini game 2013


HEY Mark Emmert, how much did you pay the officials to throw all the flags?

The Ultimate Fighter Season 18 - Elimination Fights

Bollinger is a baby back BITCH!

Can't make weight? you're a god damn pussy!

2011 NCAA Wrestling Championships

Mar has high hopes for PSU Wresting

All of you Penn State wrestling FANATICS should watch this video. Black shoe diaries predicts 7 all Americans... Marlin thinks 8, Opinions?


Penn State vs Ohio State Part 1

How does Marlin feel about Penn State losing to OSU?


Penn State vs Ohio State post game pt. 2

Marlin is not mad at you Bill, and Nittany Lions you suck it up... and maybe you can win 7 games.

Marlin Groce of

Pedder ass Sandusky!

*NSFW* Marlin says what needs said about the Sandusky scandal.


Penn State VS OSU

What Marlin thinks Penn State can do to beat OSU, and his predictions about the game in the horseshoe.

Your team lost 91-0? Stop crying PUSSIES!

91-0? that is down right pathetic come back when your balls drop you pathetic excuse for a football team!


Tribute to Ron Aurand

Marlin thanks Ron Aurand and speaks on behalf of everyone here at themarlinshow


Seth Wagner

Marlin talks about Seth Wagner's journey through the Minnesota Twins baseball organization so far, and Mar also talks about his warrior pride and what the cross town rivalry meant to him.

how's my wig bro


Don Mattingly's NLCS controversy, and an ongoing conversation with Kos22us, that everyone at themarlinshow hopes continues, are discussed.


Michael Jordan

Short clip of Marlin talking about his sports hero.


Jesus loves the little children

The TMS crew sing Jesus loves the little children.


Two Penn State Fans talking shop

Jack Kosman and Marlin talk Penn State as Funk does his thing, feel free to join the party.


Marlin feeling the love

Marlin showing appreciation to all you who have shown love. Jah man, one love.



In this weeks video, Marlin answers questions submitted by Cameron Weller. Big C asked about Fedor Emelienanko, Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, and more!


Alex Rodriguez

This is Marlin's first video! The Wizz Kid talks about A-Rod, and Johnny Football.


Penn State Trivia

Is the Wizard up to the Penn State challenge? Are you? WE ARE...


Mifflin County Huskies

Funk ask the Wizard about local football team Mifflin County Huskies. Plus a special oven mitt diamand cutter!

49ers Stadium Shooting

Fan violence

***A MUST SEE if nothing else start at 6:30. Marlin hits on the NCAA and Penn State scholarships, the Pittsburgh pirates winning season, but the genius comes out when he talks about fan violence. I urge everyone to watch what the man has to say about supporting our teams.


Marlins Sports Minute

In this video Mar talks about Penn States fast start to the 2013 season, the State College Spikes, and the Pittsburgh Pirates.


The Biography of Marlin Groce

The Man Sits down and spills the beans about how he fell in love with sports, and why he loves the teams that he does. You only wish you had the balls this man does.

funk and blow

Ask the Wizard

The Wizard talks the Pittsburgh Pirates winning season as Funk interviews him in the way on a Funkmastta can. El Duche the cat makes a special guest appearance so stay tuned for, you don't want to miss it!


NCAA and Johnny football

Marlin Lets the NCAA and Johnny Football know exactly what time it is!


Marlin’s Interview with Ron Aurand

Marlin sits down with sprint car driver Ron Aurand for a amazing interview on topics ranging from Ron's racing career, Michigan football, Bratwursts and more!



This week Marlin tackles Tom Brady, Chael Sonnen, Shogun Rua, and Penn State's quarterback battle.

Good Vibrations

Chael Sonnen

Marlin speaks his piece on Chael Sonnen


Ask the Wizard

In this weeks segment of Ask the Wizard, Marlin answers Ian Peachey's Questions about Johnny Manziel and Penn State's starting quarterback.


Ask The Wizzard

The Wizzard answers questions about the Shogun/Sonnen fight, Cael Sanderson, Dan Gable, and Michael Mauti.

getting ready to film Ask the Wizzard

Channel Promo

Get to know the topics Marlin will be discussing

Marlin at a State College Spikes game

Little League World Series, Ryan Dempster, State College Spikes

Marlin talks about the Little League World Series, Ryan Dempster, and the State College Spikes in this weeks sports video.